Gabriel: A Polemic Reviews

“Rachel A. Collins gives her a lovely modesty and sympathetic dimension–she also has a superb sense of timing and thus provides comic relief with subtle mimic expression.” NY Theatre Wire

“Rachel A. Collins’ portrayal of Brenda is fresh and trusting.  When the character finally breaks out of her passive exterior toward the end of the play, we see the depth of her optimism, dedication, and true belief. ” More than a Play


As You Like It Reviews:

“It’s easy to find the magic here…Rachel Collins in supporting [role adds] further spirit to a cast of 15 that is uniformly enthusiastic.”  –The New York Times

R-Culture Reviews:

“Rachel A. Collins…. displays tremendously accomplished performing arts skills encompassing comedy, drama, singing, and dancing, all with emotional overtones.”- TheatreScene.Net 
“The performances by…Collins in what feels like dozens of roles, are thoughtful and compassionate and resonant.”
“Romy Nordlinger, Rachel A. Collins, and Jennifer Harder are excellent actors and physical performers, and make a bonded, flexible team.” – Hi!Drama 

Fools by Neil Simon Reviews:

“Rachel Collins shines in the relatively small role of Snetsky, bringing an appealing portrayal to her character’s comic moments”
Ladue News Review
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